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He's going to reunite with Brad Pitt for this film.

As I said, my planned 9000th and 10000th deviations will NOT be Toku Unlimited Project pics nor requests but the former will be related to Dragon Ball due to the over 9000 meme.
For the first time, I will be seeing two films on Sunday since on Saturday, I have to go on an appointment.

Hampstead and Churchill
Multiversity Comics (DC): Retrospective article on Young Justice episode "Infiltrator". (…)
Multiversity Comics (Marvel): Mutantversity on Iceman. (…)
Bleeding Cool (DC): Tom Derenick to draw Justice League issue 25. (…)
Bleeding Cool (Marvel): Review of Secret Empire: Underground issue 1. (…)
The Outhousers (DC): Toby Emmerich is in favor of R-rated films in the DCEU. (…)
The Outhousers (Marvel): Stan Lee and Jack Kirby become Disney Legends. (…)
The Beat (DC): Preview of Batwoman issue 4. (…)
The Beat (Marvel): The other Miles Morales, you say? (…)
Multiversity Comics (DC): Wonder Woman/Conan crossover confirmed. (…)
Multiversity Comics (Marvel): Retrospective article on ASM issue 500. (…)
Bleeding Cool (DC): All-Star Batman to end with issue 16. (…)
Bleeding Cool (Marvel): New additions to Star Wars canon in Darth Vader issue 2. (…)
The Outhousers (DC): Enrico Marini to do an original Batman story. (…)
The Outhousers (Marvel): Secret Empire gets another issue. (…)
The Beat (DC): Seven bad Batmans?! (…)
The Beat (Marvel): Creative teams and covers for Generations confirmed. (…)
Aka Red is the Legend Mode of the original Red Ranger. Ryu Knight is actually a Legend Mode, while other Ranger wannabes are excluded like White Rose Mask and more. Shining Moon Knight is an Ancient Mystic Mode.
Generator: Red
Joker: Red, then White
Barrier: Red
Defender: Red
Solar: Red
Gladiator: Red, then Black
Decker: Red
Bioengineer: Red
Changer: Red
Fighter: Green
Aura Quasar: Red
Beast Alliance: Blue
Automobile: Red
Pentagon: Red
Flight Strike: Red
Mighty Morphin: Red
Thunder: Red, then White
Ninjas: Red
Zeo: Red
Turbo: Red
In Space: Red
Lost Galaxy: Red
Lightspeed Rescue: Red
Time Force: Red, then Pink
Wild Force: Red, then Yellow
Ninja Storm: Red
Dino Thunder: Black, then Red
SPD: Red
Mystic Force: Red
Operation Overdrive: Red
Jungle Fury: Red
RPM: Red
Samurai: Red
Megaforce: Red
Legend Force: Red
Grid Beta: Blue
Dino Charge: Red
Quantum Rail: Red
Ninja Steel: Red
Cube Squadron: Red

Red as leader: 36 (32 for the majority of the seasons)
Blue as leader: 2
Yellow as leader: 1
Pink as leader: 1
Green as leader: 1
White as leader: 2
Black as leader: 2
Garth Brooks' In the Life of Chris Gaines was actually planned as a soundtrack for The Lamb, which would've had Brooks playing Australian alternative rocker Chris Gaines.

The Smashing Pumpkins' Machina was planned as a double album, similar to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, before Virgin told Billy Corgan to split them into two albums. The first part was released under the subtitle The Machines of God and the other was unofficially released under the subtitle The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music. Unofficially because Virgin refused to release it due to the lacklustre performance of the first part and 25 copies were made for friends of the band.

Madonna's self-titled album was originally titled Lucky Star.

Madonna's "Hung Up" was actually written for a disco-themed musical film directed by Luc Besson and was going to star the Queen of Pop. When that project stalled, it ultimately became the lead single of her album Confessions on a Dance Floor.

One good case of executive meddling happened when David Bowie's record label told him to replace his cover version of the Chuck Berry song "Round and Round" for his album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars with an original track. That original track became one of his popular songs. The title? "Starman".

One lyric from "Go Go Power Rangers" actually mentions how Power Rangers had been turned by several networks before Fox picked it up. "No one can ever take them down/The power lies on their side", that is.

Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" is actually a diss towards the music industry, since the uncensored version is "F--k You".

The "bich" part of the "Swish Swish, bich" from Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" actually sounds similar to "bitch". It's no wonder it got past the radar.

Sia's "Alive" was actually written for Adele's 25. Adele recorded a demo before telling Sia to keep the song to herself instead. As a result, Adele's vocals were removed with Sia's in the final version.

David Bowie's "Golden Years" was written for Elvis Presley.

Zordon era (1993-98)
1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-94): Episode 1-60
2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994-95): Episode 1-52 (Episode 61-112)
3. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995): Episode 1-33 (Episode 113-145) / Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996): Episode 1-10 (Episode 146-155)
4. Zeo (1996): Episode 1-50 (Episode 156-205)
5. Turbo (1997): Episode 1-45 (Episode 206-250)
6. In Space (1998): Episode 1-43 (Episode 251-293)

Post-Zordon era (1998-2002)
7. Lost Galaxy (1999): Episode 1-45 (Episode 294-338)
8. Lightspeed Rescue (2000): Episode 1-40 (Episode 339-378)
9. Time Force (2001): Episode 1-40 (Episode 379-418)
10. Wild Force (2002): Episode 1-40 (Episode 419-458)

Disney era (2003-2010)
11. Ninja Storm (2003): Episode 1-38 (Episode 459-496)
12. Dino Thunder (2004): Episode 1-38 (Episode 497-534)
13. SPD (2005-06): Episode 1-38 (Episode 535-572)
14. Mystic Force (2006): Episode 1-32 (Episode 573-604)
15. Operation Overdrive (2007): Episode 1-32 (Episode 605-636)
16. Jungle Fury (2008): Episode 1-32 (Episode 637-668)
17. RPM (2009-10): Episode 1-32 (Episode 669-700)

Neo Saban era (2011-present)
18. Samurai (2011): Episode 1-24 (Episode 701-724) / Super Samurai (2012): Episode 1-22 (Episode 725-746)
19. Megaforce (2013): Episode 1-22 (Episode 747-768)
20. Super Megaforce (2014): Episode 1-20 (Episode 767-788)
21. Dino Charge (2015): Episode 1-22 (Episode 789-810) / Dino Super Charge (2016): Episode 1-22 (Episode 811-832)
22. Ninja Steel (2017): Episode 1-present (Episode 833-present)
Shotaro Ishinomori era (1975-78)
1. Goranger (1975-77): Episode 1-84
2. JAKQ (1977-78): Episode 1-35 (Episode 85-119)

Shouzou Uehara/Marvel era (1979-82)
3. Battle Fever J (1979-80, shared with Susumu Takaku): Episode 1-52 (Episode 120-171)
4. Denjiman (1980-81): Episode 1-51 (Episode 172-222)
5. Sun Vulcan (1981-82): Episode 1-50 (Episode 223-272)

Hirohisa Soda era (1983-91)
6. Goggle V (1982-83): Episode 1-50 (Episode 273-322)
7. Dynaman (1983-84): Episode 1-51 (Episode 323-373)
8. Bioman (1984-85): Episode 1-51 (Episode 374-424)
9. Changeman (1985-86): Episode 1-55 (Episode 425-479)
10. Flashman (1986-87): Episode 1-50 (Episode 480-529)
11. Maskman (1987-88): Episode 1-51 (Episode 530-580)
12. Liveman (1988-89): Episode 1-49 (Episode 581-629)
13. Turboranger (1989-90): Episode 1-51 (Episode 630-680)
14. Fiveman (1990-91): Episode 1-48 (Episode 681-728)

Transitional era (1991-92)
15. Jetman (1991-92): Episode 1-51 (Episode 729-779)

Noboru Sugimura era (1992-96)
16. Zyuranger (1992-93): Episode 1-50 (Episode 780-829)
17. Dairanger (1993-94): Episode 1-50 (Episode 830-879)
18. Kakuranger (1994-95): Episode 1-53 (Episode 880-932)
19. Ohranger (1995-96): Episode 1-48 (Episode 933-980)

Post-Sugimura era (1996-2003)
20. Carranger (1996-97): Episode 1-48 (Episode 981-1028)
21. Megaranger (1997-98): Episode 1-51 (Episode 1029-1079)
22. Gingaman (1998-99): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1080-1129)
23. GoGoV (1999-2000): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1130-1179)
24. Timeranger (2000-01): Episode 1-51 (Episode 1180-1230)
25. Gaoranger (2001-02): Episode 1-51 (Episode 1231-1281)
26. Hurricaneger (2002-03): Episode 1-51 (Episode 1282-1332)

Naruhisa Arakawa era (2003-05)
27. Abaranger (2003-04): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1333-1382)
28. Dekaranger (2004-05): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1383-1432)

Post-Arakawa era (2005-present)
29. Magiranger (2005-06): Episode 1-49 (Episode 1433-1481)
30. Boukenger (2006-07): Episode 1-49 (Episode 1482-1530)
31. Gekiranger (2007-08): Episode 1-49 (Episode 1531-1579)
32. Go-onger (2008-09): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1580-1629)
33. Shinkenger (2009-10): Episode 1-49 (Episode 1630-1678)
34. Goseiger (2010-11): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1679-1728)
35. Gokaiger (2011-12): Episode 1-51 (Episode 1729-1779)
36. Go-Busters (2012-13): Episode 1-50 (Episode 1780-1829)
37. Kyoryuger (2013-14): Episode 1-48 (Episode 1830-1877)
38. ToQger (2014-15): Episode 1-47 (Episode 1878-1924)
39. Ninninger (2015-16): Episode 1-47 (Episode 1925-1971)
40. Zyuohger (2016-17): Episode 1-48 (Episode 1972-2019)
41. Kyuranger (2017-18): Episode 1-present (2020-present)
Newsarama (DC): WB admits that DCEU was too dark before Wonder Woman. (…)
Newsarama (Marvel): Kingsman switches publishers from Marvel to Image. (…)
Comic Book (DC): Geoff Johns to co-write Wonder Woman 2 with Patty Jenkins. (…)
Comic Book (Marvel): Don't expect to see Thor with long hair for the majority of Thor: Ragnarok. (…)
Comic Book Movie (DC): Damon Lindelof to helm HBO TV series adaptation of Watchmen. (…)
Comic Book Movie (Marvel): Kid-friendly Fantastic Four film in the works under Fox. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (DC): Rumours that Patrick Stewart almost played Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin have been debunked. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (Marvel): Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gets PS4-exclusive content. (…)
Newsarama (DC): DC's September 2017 solicitations. (…)
Newsarama (Marvel): Marvel's September 2017 solicitations. (…)
Comic Book (DC): Wonder Woman has a brother? (…)
Comic Book (Marvel): New photo for Defenders. (…)
Comic Book Movie (DC): Justice League gets a fan-made recut trailer. (…)
Comic Book Movie (Marvel): Eye-patched Harry Hart shown in Kingsman: The Golden Circle cinema standee. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (DC): DC Films planning more superheroine titles. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (Marvel): Audi commercial for Spider-Man: Homecoming. (…)
That's right. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been dismissed halfway during production. This is Superman II all over again.

Sonequa Martin-Green's character is not half-Vulcan.

Newsarama (DC): Unaired Powerless episode with Adam West guest starring uploaded online as a tribute. (…)
Newsarama (Marvel): First Deadpool 2 set photo. (…)
Comic Book (DC): Titans casting sides revealed. (…)
Comic Book (Marvel): First X-Men: Dark Phoenix set photo revealed. (…)
Comic Book Movie (DC): Wonder Woman reaches $500 million. (…)
Comic Book Movie (Marvel): Could the Framework return in Agents of SHIELD? (…)
Heroic Hollywood (DC): Supergirl rumours in Man of Steel 2 and DCEU debunked. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (Marvel): Final Infinity Stone in the MCU teased. (…)
Newsarama (DC): Early preview of Dark Nights: Metal issue 1. (…)
Newsarama (Marvel): 1,000,000 BC Avengers confirmed. (…)
Comic Book (DC): New creative team for Wonder Woman confirmed. (…)
Comic Book (Marvel): Pablo Schreiber wants to play Wolverine [though I prefer Tom Hardy to play the character instead]. (…)
Comic Book Movie (DC): Ali Adler departs from Supergirl. (…)
Comic Book Movie (Marvel): Scarlett Johansson teases Avengers: Infinity War scene. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (DC): Lynda Carter donates Wonder Woman script to the Library of Congress. (…)
Heroic Hollywood (Marvel): James McAvoy prepares to shave his head for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. (…)
I haven't forgot. It's just that I've been inactive from my laptop for nearly a month.
*Portugal (July 28-August 16)
*Amsterdam, the Netherlands (later this year)

I am planning to go on a holiday to Berlin in a near future because I would love to take pictures of the Berlin Wall remnants there.
It's been revealed at an autopsy that Carrie Fisher had a cocktail of drugs in her system, which caused her to suffer a heart attack while on a plane trip and resulted her death from sleep apnea, complications from heart failure.