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This is my sequel to adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…

I cut it into two because of the technical problems.

13. Legion of Super-Heroes Rangers (nicknamed Legion Rangers, 10 Rangers)
1- Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman: Red Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger Red - 1)
2- Charles Foster Taine / Bouncing Boy: Blue Ranger (Wild Force, Blue Shark Ranger)
3- Garth Ranzz / Lightning Lad: Navy Ranger (Ninja Storm, Navy Thunder Ranger)
4- Luornu Durgo / Triplicate Girl: Yellow Ranger (Dino Thunder, Yellow Dino Ranger)
5- Tinya Wazzo / Phantom Girl: White Ranger (Mystic Force, White Mystic Ranger)
6- Imra Ardeen / Saturn Girl: Pink Ranger (Lightspeed Rescue, Pink Lightspeed Ranger)
7- Querl Dox / Brainiac 5: Green Ranger (RPM, Ranger Green)
8- Brin Londo / Timber Wolf: Black Ranger (Operation Overdrive, Black Overdrive Ranger)
9- Kell-El / Superman X: Crimson Ranger (Time Force, Quantum Ranger)
10- Rokk Brinn / Cosmic Boy: Violet Ranger (Jungle Fury, Violet Wolf Ranger)

*Extra Rangers
1- Reep Dargle / Chameleon Boy
2- Blok
3- Gim Allon / Colossal Boy
4- Nura Nal / Dream Girl
5- Jan Arrah / Element Lad
6- Jenni Ognats / XS
7- Dawnstar
8- Lyle Norg / Invisible Kid
9- Salu Digby / Shrinking Violet
10- Tenzil Kem / Matter-Eater Lad
11- Thom Kallor / Star Boy
12- Andrew Nolan / Ferro Lad
13- Jo Nah / Ultra Boy
14- Ayla Ranzz / Lightning Lass
15- Drake Burroughs / Wildfire
16- Brek Bannin / Polar Boy
17- Val Armorr / Karate Kid
18- Hart Druiter / Nemesis Kid
19- Troy Stewart / Tyroc
20- Dirk Morgna / Sun Boy

14. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Rangers (2008 cartoon, nicknamed SW Rangers or Jedi Rangers, 20 Rangers) - Note: The colours do not match their lightsabers at all, hence all of their lightsabers are green, blue or in Mace's case purple (excluding Padmé, Lux and Riyo who are not a Jedi), which are the good side colours. An asterisk denotes that the character is an EU character.
• Synopsis: This is set in a "What If?" universe after Star Wars: The Clone Wars and where Episode III, IV (16 years after Episode III), V and VI, (although characters from the four films appear in the AU as supporting characters such as Princess Leia Organa, her fraternal twin Luke Skywalker and her lover Han Solo and EU characters after Episode VI such as Mara Jade) never happened, which is inspired by :iconragingwarsau-fanclub:.
1- Obi-Wan Kenobi: Red Human Ranger (in Space, Red Space Ranger) - Now married to Satine Kryze.
2- Anakin Skywalker: Black Human Ranger (in Space, Black Space Ranger) - The colour black is a nod to his canon counterpart, Darth Vader, in the original trilogy. However, he does not switch forces by joining the Separatists in the AU and retains his look from the Clone Wars and Episode III, including his scar from his right side of his face and bionic arm.
3- Ahsoka Tano: Yellow Togruta Ranger (in Space, Yellow Space Ranger)* - Now a Jedi Master after the events of the Clone Wars.
4- Padmé Amidala: Pink Human Ranger (in Space, Pink Space Ranger) - In the AU, Padmé does not die from childbirth (from Episode III), instead after giving birth to twins Luke and Leia.
5- Mace Windu: Blue Human Ranger (in Space, Blue Space Ranger)
6- Aayla Secura: Aqua Twilek Ranger (Ninja Storm, Blue Wind Ranger)
7- Kit Fisto: Green Nautolan Ranger (Time Force, Green Time Force Ranger) - Now married to Aayla.
8- Shaak Ti: Crimson Togruta Ranger (Samurai, Red Samurai Ranger II) - Now has a Padawan, named Maris Brood (from The Force Unleased).
9- Luminara Unduli: White Mirialan Ranger (Alien, White Aquitian Ranger)
10- Barriss Offee: Violet Mirialan Ranger (Mystic Force, Blue Mystic Ranger) - Ahsoka's best friend, formerly Luminara's padawan and now a Jedi Master.
11- Plo Koon: Silver Kel Dor Ranger (Operation Overdrive, Mercury Ranger)
12- Lux Bonteri: Gold Human Ranger (RPM, Ranger Gold)* - Now Ahsoka's husband.
13- Ki-Adi-Mundi: Ivory Cerean Ranger (Dino Thunder, White Dino Ranger) - Originally it was going to be Owen Lars, Anakin's brother by his mother's second marriage and the uncle of his twins. In the end of the prequel trilogy, he adopts his nephew while Leia was adopted by Senator Bail Organa. But I vetoed that idea and replaced him with Ki-Adi-Mundi.
14- Riyo Chuchi: Purple Pantoran Ranger (Mystic Force, Gatekeeper)*
15- Luke Skywalker: Black Human Ranger (Jungle Fury, Lion Warrior) - Son of Anakin and Padmé and is 10 minutes older than his fraternal twin sister Leia. In this AU, he and Leia are their father's padawans and unexpectedly become Rangers after their parents were captured by Darth Sidious. Luke uses his father's old blue lightsaber as his father now has a new blue lightsaber. Currently has a crush on Mara Jade.
16- Leia Skywalker: Green Human Ranger (Jungle Fury, Chameleon Warrior) - Becomes Princess of Naboo after the Republic begins to rebuild and the kingdom of Naboo begins to reestablish as well. In the AU, she is her father's padawan, using a green lightsaber. Currently has a crush on Han Solo.
17- Qui-Gon Jinn: Gold Human Ranger (Mystic Force, Solaris Knight)
18- Satine Kryze: Lavender Human Ranger (Mystic Force, Shining Moon Warrior)*
19- Mas Amedda: Cyan Chagrian Ranger (Jungle Fury, Shark Spirit Ranger)
20- Rianna Saren: Silver Twilek Ranger (RPM, Ranger Silver)*

15. Star Trek Rangers (2009 reboot, 8 Rangers)
1- James T. Kirk: Gold Ranger (Alien, Yellow Aquitian Ranger)
2- Spock: Blue Ranger (in Space, Blue Space Ranger)
3- Bones McCoy: Navy Ranger (Ninja Storm, Navy Thunder Ranger)
4- Nyota Uhura: Red Ranger (Samurai, Red Samurai Ranger II)
5- Christopher Scott: Crimson Ranger (Ninja Storm, Crimson Thunder Ranger)
6- Hikaru Sulu: Bronze Ranger (Ninja Storm, Yellow Wind Ranger)
7- Pavel Chekov: Amber Ranger (Mystic Force, Yellow Mystic Ranger)
8- Carol Marcus - Aqua Ranger (Ninja Storm, Blue Wind Ranger)

16. Get Ed Rangers (also known as Progress City Rangers, 5 Rangers)
1- Ed: Blue Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger 2 - Blue)
2- Deets: Pink Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger 5 - Pink)
3- Burn: Red Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger 1 - Red)
4- Fizz: Yellow Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger 4 - Yellow)
5- Loogie: Green Ranger (SPD, SPD Ranger 3 - Green)

17. X-Men: Evolution Rangers (also known as Xavier's Rangers, 8 Rangers)
1- Scott Summers / Cyclops
2- Jean Grey / Phoenix
3- Logan Howlett / Wolverine
4- Ororo Munroe / Storm
5- Evan Daniels / Spyke
6- Anna Marie / Rogue
7- Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
8- Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler

18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rangers (8 Rangers)
1- Leonardo
2- Raphael
3- Donatello
4- Michaelangelo
5- Venus de Milo
6- Mona Lisa
7- April O'Neill
8- Casey Jones

19. Storm Hawks Rangers (6 Rangers)
1- Aerrow
2- Piper
3- Finn
4- Junko
5- Stork
6- Starling

20. Justice League Rangers (10 Rangers)
1- Bruce Wayne / Batman
2- Clark Kent / Superman
3- Diana / Wonder Woman
4- Wally West / The Flash
5- Shayera Thal / Hawkgirl
6- John Stewart / Green Lantern
7- J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter
8- Arthur Curry / Aquaman
9- Oliver Green / Green Arrow
10- Dinah Lance / Black Canary

21. Code Lyoko Rangers (6 Rangers)
1- Jeremy Belpois
2- Odd Della Robbia
3- Ulric Stern
4- Yumi Ishiyama
5- Aelita Schaeffer
6- William Dunbar

Legion of Super Heroes © James Tucker/DC Comics/Warner Bros. Animation/Cartoon Network
Star Wars: The Clone Wars © George Lucas/Dave Filoni/Lucasfilm/Disney/Cartoon Network
Star Wars © George Lucas/Lucasfilm/Disney/20th Century Fox
Star Trek (reboot) © J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot/Paramount
Star Trek © Gene Roddenberry/Paramount
Get Ed © Andy Knight/Disney XD
X-Men Evolution © Rick Ungar/Marvel Studios/Disney/Cartoon Network
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles © Kevin Eastman/Peter Laird/Mirage Comics/Nickelodeon
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation © Kevin Eastman/Peter Laird/Saban Capital Group/Mirage Comics/Nickelodeon
Storm Hawks © Asaph Fiske/Nerd Corps/YTV/Cartoon Network
Justice League © Bruce Timm/DC Comics/Warner Bros. Animation/Cartoon Network
Code Lyoko © Tania Palumbo/Thomas Romain/MoonScoop/France 3/Canal J
Power Rangers © Haim Saban/Toei/Marvista/Saban Capital Group/Nickelodeon
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